50+ Best Group Buy SEO Tools in India at ₹99 [2023]

Save thousand by Group SEO Tool using Best Group SEO Tools buy Providers is the best way to save money on SEO tools. The best SEO tools, such as Ahref Tool and SEMRush Tools, MOZ SEO Tool, Kwfinder, and keywordkeg will cost you more than $99 per month, which is quite high for a small blogger. A group of SEO tools can help you save over $500

Many people would like to use Ahrefs and SEMRush, Moz Pro, keywordtool, but they are struggling with money. Because of their low income, they cannot afford all the SEO tools. This is how the group buy SEO tool in India Idea was born.

Best Group Buy SEO Tools

What are the SEO tools?

Before we know about the best group SEO tools in India, let us know about what are the SEO tools. You would have to spend a lot of money to buy SEO tools one by one. So you can buy all the SEO tools in a single purchase with considerable savings. So buying SEO tools in a group called a group by SEO tools. When you buy bulk SEO tools, you can save up to 95% money.

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Note: This post is only for those who can not afford premium SEO tools. If you can pay for that service, then we honestly request you to buy SEO tools from the original owner.

Benefits of Group Buy SEO Tools

The most advantage of the Group Buy SEO tools is to save money. It is so cheap than the first SEO tool’s price. Ahref tool’s starting price is $99 per month, and it is so expensive for a starting blog.

You can see in the image how much Ahrefs cost you if you buy directly from them. Where if you purchase the same tool in a group, then it can charge you around $2 to $5. So the best benefit of buying SEO tools in a group is to save money.

Best Group Buy SEO Tools in India

A lot of sites are available on the internet, which offer Group Buy SEO tools, but the only selected provide the best service. Many websites go down, and you face a lousy experience. So here are some selected best SEO tools which offer the cheap group buy SEO tools, which give you the best service in this industry.

1. ToolsPur

ToolsPur Cheap Group SEO Tools Buy

ToolsPur is a cloud-based cheap and affordable group SEO tool provider with more than 20 SEO tools. They claim 24*7 support on chat so whenever you face an issue, their team will handle it. They had 3 combo plans for different needs. Also, you can buy individual tools like SEMRush, Grammarly, Ubersuggest, WordAI, Quetext, MOZ, BuzzSumo, SpyFu, Canva, Envato Elements,, Stock Unlimited, Pic Monkey and so on.

Discount Coupon Code: Use code “MPATEL and get 5% extra discount while checkout.

ToolsPur All in One Group SEO Tool Plan

2. ProSEOTool


GroupSEOTool.com is the best alternative to ProSEOTools at the same price and same features. GroupSEOTool provides twenty SEO tools at just 599 rupees, which is the lowest in the market. In the combo pack, it includes group SEO tool SEMRush, Group SEO Tool Ahrefs, Kwfinder, Grammarly, Alexa, Canva, and 15 more.

ProSEOTools provided us with higher uptime and great support in comparison to others. You also use ToolsPur for better performance.

3. GroupSEOTool

Group SEO Tools Plan and Pricing

GroupSEOTool is the best site to purchase group SEO Tools. GroupSEOTool provides a combo pack that comes with 20 SEO tools for just Rs 599/month, which is lower in the market. It is the best option for those who are looking for the best group SEO tools at the lowest price.

You can also buy a tool individually, but it cost you some more. Currently, we are not recommending you buy GroupSEOTool because their support is very worst and their unprofessional behaviour.

4. SupremSEO


SupremSEO is another site that I trust for buying group SEO tools. Their all-in-one plan costs you $16.99 and has seven most SEO tools. SupremSEO also provides bulk SEO services and web development services too.

5. ToolsZap


ToolsZap is the number one Group Buy SEO Tool service with high uptime since 2018. ToolsZap provides 24 X 7 Live Chat Support. They have 2 days refund policy. Get 30% Off On Annual Subscription & 15% Off On Six Months Subscription

Use coupon code ONEYEAR for 30% discount on Annual Plans,
Use the coupon SIXMONTH to get a 15% Discount on the Six Months Plans!!

ToolsZap promises to give 92% uptime and 24×7 support. We have also tested their service.

How to Buy Cheap Group SEO Tools Online?

Choosing cheap group SEO Tools online from thousands of best group SEO tool providers is not an easy task. So we testest most of the best group buy SEO tool services and brought you the list of best cheap group buy SEO tools online. Here is the list –

  1. ProSEOTool.us
  2. ToolsPur


The group SEO tools help you save huge money on buying SEO tools. If you are looking for the best group, buy SEO tools, and then you can go with ProSEOTools. It is best if you want to best service at a cheap price. Alternatively, you can go with GroupSEOToo.com. Both are the price is same and provides the best service in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest group SEO tool provider?

GroupSEOTools is the cheapest provider to buy SEO tools in a group because of the low price and their good support.

How to buy SEMRush SEO tool at a cheap price?

You can buy SEMRush SEO tools cheap by buying them with a group of SEO tools.

What are the best free SEO Tools?

Ubersuggest, Moz, Soovle, and answerthepublic is the best free SEO tool these days.

Best group buy SEO tools India

Groupseotool.com and ProSEOTools.us is the best group SEO tool provider in India


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  8. I bought from rankercloud.com they are giving ahrefs at 199 rupees unlimited searches.
    But I tried supreme seo they are also good.

  9. I am using Seoshope.com Tools are working fine price also very low

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      ProSeoTools is better

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      ToolsPur and ProSEOTools are better because of their support and better uptimes

  11. i am using Noxtools.com from 3-4 month, best tool provider, i like his uptime and cheap prices

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